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Need Treatment For Addiction John Hollis Host of Holistic Lifestyles Radio understands the haunting of addiction though his 32 years of active addiction which brought mind,body,and spirit devastation to his family and friends. John got sober and clean doing the 12 step program along with holistic approaches to mind, body, and spirit which he still uses to maintain his recovery one day at a time. Though his recovery journey he has been able to help addicts,alcoholics, and family members to find treatment resources for their issues. Though his vast understanding of the dis-ease of addiction plus a network that spans from cost to cost he can help to find a addiction recovery centers that help heal mind,body,and spirit and put family units back together. John can help the suffers and their family’s with professionals from around the United States And The United Kingdom to help with drug and alcohol detoxification, addiction treatment, drug and alcohol interventions, substance abuse counseling, inpatient treatment, drug and alcohol recovery, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, prescription drug addiction, crystal methamphetamine addiction, opiate detox, alcohol detox, drug detox, long term care and more. Take the first step and call us John at 877-799-8773 or 954-826-4920 .

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Addiction Recovery Radio Show Times

Mind,Body,Spirit and Addiction Recovery Radio

Night Time Addiction Recovery Radio Shows

Monday 10-11PM EDT – Ask the Interventionist – John Hollis

Tuesday 10-11PM EDT- Family Addiction – John Hollis

Wednesday 10-11PM EDT- Away Of Life Though The Steps – John Hollis

Thursday 10-11PM EDT- Relapse Prevention- John Hollis & Guest

Friday 10-11PM EDT- Recovery & Relationships- Dawn Masler

Sunday 9PM-Midnight PM EDT – Addiction Recovery Talk – John Hollis

Day Time Shows Mind, Body, and Spirit Show

Monday 2-3PM EDT – Wellness & Nutrition – Dr. Larry Goodman

Tuesday 2-3PM EDT- Ask The Spirit Realm

Wednesday 2-3PM EDT- Community Health

Thursday 2-3PM EDT- Open Forum

Friday 2-3PM EDT- Recovery & Relationships

Saturday 4-6PM EDT – That Sci-Fi Show

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Sunday Nights Are Syndicated Though: KLNG, WSKY, WFAM, WITK, WNVY and WYYC.